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Emerging Issues of Management – QTR304


This course is designed to improve students’ understanding the trends in business environment as well as emerging tools of management in business organizations.


After completing this course, students should be able to:


  • Identify and critically examine a range of contemporary issues in management from a variety of theoretical and practical perspectives; Recognize and explain the key trends in business environment and identify the implications of the trends to business organization.
  • Identify and explain the forces for change, various stages of transition and changes; create and implement a plan for change in your organization
  • Explain the meaningand philosophy of total quality management; Describe the tools for identifying and solving quality problems;
  • Understand and explain business process re-engineering as a business management strategy – analysis and design of workflows and business processes within an organization; understand how to dramatically improve customer service, cut operational costs, and become world-class competitors through BPR.
  • Understand and explain the model and different strategy in managing business risk
  • Understand and explainthe key concepts of corporate governance
  • Explainand critically examine the theory of MBO and different models of MBOsuch as BSC


  • Ability to apply modernmamagement modelsand toolssuch as MBO, change management
  • Build self-learning and self-study skills
  • Build and enhance problem-solving and decision-making ability in management situations in general, and in human resource management in particular.
  • Improve human skills such as teamworking, communication and presentation.


  • Be cooperative and proactive in teamwork


 Required learning materials


  1. McShance and Glinow, Organizational Behavior, 4th edition (or any later version), McGraw Hill
  2. Kotter (1996) Leading change

Business report: Business

  1. Bain’s Management Trend & Tool Report
  2. Delloite: Business Trends: Navigating the next way of globalization
  3. OECD, Corporate-Governance-Principles


  1. Guhan Subramanian(2015) Corporate Governance 2.0; of globalization
  2. Kaplan & Norton (1996) Linking the Balanced Scorecards to Strategy


Required references

  1. Robbins & Judge (2013) – Organizational Behavior


Website (if available)


No. Content Lecture hours Seminar-hours  Assigments
1 Course Introduction; Key trends in Business Environment and Management (1)


Slide: unit01 trends in business environment



3 0
2 Key trends in Business Environment and Management (2)

Vietnam: digitalin2018-vietnam-180226020445

3 0
3 Change Management:Understanding Change

Unit02 Change Management


3 0
4 Change Management:Managing Change

Unit03 Managing Change


The Real Reason People Won’t Change

The Theory and Practice of Change Management

3 0
5 Seminar on Change Management 0 3 4.5
6 Total Quality Managementand Business Process Re-Eengineering (1)

Unit04 TQM & Business Reengineering_handout



Business Process Reengineering-en

3 0 0
7 Total Quality Managementand Business Process Re-Eengineering (2) 3 0 0
8 Seminar on TQM & BPR 0 3 4.5
Management by Objectives and Balanced Scorecard

Slides: Unit05 BSC_handout

Required Materials

HBR Balanced Scorecard

Harvard Business Review – Having Trouble With Your Strategy Then Map It – Kaplan & Norton – 2000

9 Management by Objectives and Balanced Scorecard
10 Corporate Governance

Unit06 Corporate Governance

Required Reading Materials


Corporate Governace – what and why

Seminar/Group Presentation 0
13 Seminar/Group Presentation 0
14 Seminar/Group Presentation 0 3 4.5
15 Seminar/Group Presentation 0 3 4.5
Total 30 15 22.5

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